JUNE 2022 - SEPTEMBER 2022

I will be embarking on a thru-ride of the Trans America trail in June 2022. I will be starting at the East Coast in North Carolina and riding the TAT all the way to the Pacific Coast in Oregon, then back to the East Coast (final destination TBD). I’ll be going on several backpacking trips while I’m out there too.

I will also be making a lot of podcast and interview appearances along the way to promote my upcoming book as well!

Ride to the Bottom of The World

11/2022 - 02/2023

Starting November of 2022, I will be riding to the bottom of South America, Tierra Del Fuego.

I will conduct various backpacking adventures along the way, exploring Mexico, Central America, and the South American continent as much as possible!

While in Tierra Del Fuego, I aim to find a ride to Antarctica while I’m down there.