The above link will take you to my fundraiser where you can donate to support Veteran Suicide Prevention. After exceeding the goal of the fundraiser by raising over $10,000, my new goal is to raise $20,000 towards helping veterans by the time I finish riding the Trans America Trail in the fall of 2022! We can make that goal happen together!

80% of all donations will go straight to Warrior Expeditions, a non-profit that specializes in long-distance adventures for veterans. Their programs are perfect for those who are new to this type of adventure, as they outfit veterans with everything they need to embark on long-distance hiking, cycling, or kayaking adventures.

They not only provide brand new, top-of-the-line gear to help ensure your success, they will also provide orientation and training at the start of your journey to make sure you have the knowledge and skills required to complete your quest. They also provide a monthly allowance for food, replacement gear, and various costs. They coordinate assistance with local supporters along your journey to provide you with transportation, lodging, and food.

The remaining 20% will go to Mission 22, a multi-faceted non-profit that helps veterans in many different ways such as cutting edge comprehensive health programs, fitness, martial arts, outdoor recreation, community, and other creative methods.